The Coolest #MadeInSanFrancisco Finds We’ve Seen on Instagram
03 Feb 2018

The Coolest #MadeInSanFrancisco Finds We’ve Seen on Instagram

There’s something to be said for shopping

03 Feb 2018

There’s something to be said for shopping local, regardless of what you’re buying or how much you’re spending. When choosing to support local businesses, restaurants, artists, and creators, you’re not only get a more unique experience or product, but also the satisfaction of supporting your local neighborhood, community, and the city as a whole.

So the next time you’re looking for a decorative piece of artwork, handmade clothing, or just about any household item of sorts, why not see what some of San Francisco’s most creative minds have to offer? And to make it just a little bit easier, we’ll even get your search started for

Katie Gong

Nothing makes a home or condo in San Francisco unique like locally-made furniture, and Katie Gong makes some pretty awesome stuff, including this little wooden stumpstool that acts as the perfect end table or corner piece.

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Ceramic Designs

From ceramic bowls and coffee mugs to plant holders and tea pots, San Francisco-based Ceramic Designs makes all kinds of unique products that anybody can use. If you’re also looking for some decorative accent pieces for a bookshelf, options here are limitless.

Heavenly Soap Company

If you’re a lover of natural, handmade products, check out San Francisco’s own Heavenly Soap Company. They offer scented and unscented soaps, and also a variety of organic skincare haircare products as well.

puck and abby

Although puck and abby features everything from handmade earrings and necklaces to some seriously stylish handbags, these sweet kitchen aprons are what caught our eye, and a must-have for any serious (or not-so-serious) at-home chef.

Rooted In Mud

We absolutely love these little handmade jars, which can be used for all sorts of things. If you buy a set of 3 or 4, they look great displayed together. They also work perfectly for small jewelry storage in the bedroom too!

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The Podolls

Husband-and-wife team Josh and Lauren Podoll are the creative minds behind their own lifestyle brand, and their stuff is about as eye-catching as it get, as you can see from this woven leather and maple stool. And ladies, also be sure to check out their unique collection of handcrafted clothing for women as well.

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Granny Panty Designs

San Francisco map art is pretty awesome, and nobody does it better than Marissa Frost of Granny Panty Designs. We know—the name is awesome enough as is it, but her work is even more awesome. Don’t believe us? Check her out for yourself.

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