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Rooted In Mud: Handmade Ceramic Goods From a Nob Hill Local

San Francisco Real Estate

What part of town is your business and what do like most about living and/or working there?


Nob Hill. I love living in Nob Hill because there is such a strong sense of community. All of my neighbors are so friendly and always very social. My studio is in Nob Hill as well and its amazing to be able to walk there.

Tell us about your business—what do you do, what do you specialize in, what are you known for most, what differentiates you from other competitors, etc.


I create hand-made ceramic goods. I specialize in lidded boxes made from a variety of clays and finished with a variety of glazes. My pieces are unique because of the handles I attach onto them with leather straps. I have been working on these deigns for the past two years and it’s exciting to watch them come to life and see the ideas change and develop.

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